Couple Rescues Abandoned Dog By The Roadside – Sealed In A Feed Sack

The abandoned dog had been cruelly left there!

On 25 February 2018, Wade Shapp and his wife Mandi were on their way from the church by car. This was their weekly routine every Sunday. While on the road, Wade suddenly felt that he had to step on the brakes – for one reason.
The couple had been driving on a quiet country road on the way back to their house. However, when Wade looked over while he was driving, and he had spotted a dog’s head pop up out of a tightly sealed bag! It was dumped there in plain sight, in the middle of nowhere without water or shelter from the hot sun.
Due to the fact the couple had lived out in the country away from central Texas, Wade and Mandi Shapps were used to seeing farm dogs running around on the fields next to the roads. But Wade noticed that the dog he had spotted was not moving – he was trapped in a bag! Wade and Mandi were both big dog lovers and chose not to waste a single moment in saving the dog’s life. They jumped out of the car, in order to take a closer look at the canine.
Turns out that the poor pup was intentionally sealed shut inside a feed sack! Wade and his wife could tell that this cruel act was carried out with intention. There was a rope tied around the bottom, which greatly restricted the little dog’s movement.
The couple tried to get the dog out, but they did not have a knife or anything sharp to cut the dog free from the bag on hand. With some thinking, they decided to cut him loose with their car key – and it worked!
They wrapped the pooch in a warm coat and took him back to their car. The couple named him Bubba. It was several hours before Bubba had stopped shaking and was able to feel at ease with the two. Wade gave Bubba a proper bath back home, as he smelled “pretty bad”. The dog had urine stains and large amounts of dirt on him.
But there was worse news the very next day. Wade and Mandi took Bubba to a local vet, where it was revealed that Bubba had sustained a gunshot wound – inside of his upper leg!
His former owner tried to kill Bubba but failed. The last attempt on his life was to force the dog into a bag, tied it shut and left him out to die. Currently, local animal rescue team, Dallas DogRRR, is helping Bubba to find a new, loving home for him.
The couple is currently fostering Bubba, who has become good friends with the couple’s two dogs – Isabelle and Dixie!
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