Couple Finds Dog On The Highway, Which Led To A Surprise!

They were driving back home when they spotted the dog.

A couple named Lacey and Audra Wheeler were on their way back to Ohio when they spotted something on the highway. Upon driving closer, they saw a dog who was obviously starving as she was eating roadkill on the highway. The couple also noticed that the dog was either pregnant or had recently given birth, so they decided to turn the car around to help her. Although the couple drove back to the spot where the dog was previously found, they could not find her anywhere in sight. Not long after, they soon heard barking coming from the direction of a nearby creek.  After the couple made their way to the creek, they finally located the dog, but she was not alone. The couple was surprised to see three puppies trotting in the cold creek water. The dog had been trying to lead them to her puppies all along!
The couple knew that the dog and her puppies would not survive in the freezing cold, so they took all of them back to their car. When the dog and her puppies were safely inside their car, they increased the heating in the car to keep them warm. As it was obvious that they could not simply leave them on the road, the couple decided to take them back home with them and nurse them all back to health.
The couple named the dog “Red” and the puppies “Cinci, Indy, and Louie” and worked together with the Columbus Dog Connection to find a foster family for them. The Columbus Dog Connection is an organization that re-homes abandoned dogs, promote shelters or rescues in Ohio and helping dogs by getting them adopted. Although the couple does not mind the mother dog and her puppies’ presence, their family dogs simply do not prefer sharing their home with other dogs. So they have to find a foster family to take care of the puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. According to the couple, the mother dog and her puppies are potty-trained.
The couple stated that they were happy to help get them out of the cold and take care of them during Christmas. While the couple hopes that their experience will encourage other people to adopt the puppies, they advised that people who can no longer care for their dogs should seek help from either a shelter or a rescue organization instead of simply abandoning them.
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