Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Boxer Expressing Her Concern For The Baby’s Crying

The baby’s crying was uncontrollable until...

the family dog showed up in front of her crib, expressing genuine concern for her cries and ponders on how to calm the infant down. Most people would think that boxers are generally aggressive dogs and would attack for no reason, it is untrue. This boxer is a perfect example of a family dog and worried about her new family member’s well-being instead of attacking.
This truly heartwarming moment was captured on video by the baby’s mother, who used her smartphone to record their family dog’s reaction to her baby’s cries. In the video, the baby’s mother entered the nursery room and found their family dog lying underneath the baby’s crib.
It seemed to be keeping a vigil over the baby until the baby started to wail. Concerned, the boxer immediately got up and stood in front of the crib to check up on her. The boxer even sniffed the front of the crib to make sure the baby is unharmed but seemed puzzled on why she would not stop crying.
The boxer then started to pace around the crib, obviously expressing genuine concern for the baby’s crying and seemed to be at a loss on how to help her. As the baby continued to cry, the boxer also “cried” along with her.
 Finally, the boxer turned to the baby’s mother for help at the end of the video. You can watch this heartwarming video below:
Without a doubt, these two will eventually become best friends in the years to come!

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