Woman Videotaped Daughter While She Sings Her New Rescue Puppy To Sleep

Every dog has an amazing story, and this is Oakley’s.

This is a touching story involving a puppy named Oakley, and his new beginning as a family dog with Lauren Malone and her family. Earlier on, the family had adopted him through American Lab Rescue (ALR), an animal rescue with a no-kill policy and dedicated to giving shelter dogs a second chance at finding their forever loving homes. They specialized in facilitating successful adoptions by acting as the middlemen between potential adopter and the dogs living at the facility. Now, it was Oakley’s turn to find a human family of his own.
Staff from the American Lab Rescue wrote a social media post celebrating Oakley’s adoption – it read:”Although Oakley will be missed, we know he will be living the most amazing life. We are sure Oakley will get lots of play time, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of naps.” Once Oakley was finally home, Lauren Malone filmed her daughter cradling Oakley, and then singing him a little song of her own to help him sleep better, like a baby. Her post caption was as follows: “And THIS is why you should adopt a rescue dog!” She was right, as Oakley’s personality has proven as a shining example of a gentle rescue dog – after all, they say that some of the best dogs are actually not from breeders, but from shelters!
Watch a video of the two below!
Oakley is still happily living with Lauren and the rest of her family today, and they are reportedly getting closer each and every day! Remember – rescue, do not buy.
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