Two Legged Pit Bull Fifty, Who Has Inspired Many Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

The Pit Bull’s story has moved hundreds worldwide.

Kelly Michael, his owner, shared the sad news on Facebook – along with Fifty’s background story. Prior to meeting Kelly, Fifty had lost two of his legs when a policeman shot him – all because Pit Bulls were stereotyped to be ‘dangerous’ and ‘aggressive’. Fifty however, despite losing two of his limbs, bore no ill will towards humans. His personality and looks were what got him his name, which greatly suited him!
Fifty and Kelly met in one of Chicago’s high-kill shelters, where Kelly offered to foster him the moment she met him. It turned out to be one of the best decisions she had ever made. Fifty soon became a source of inspiration and a role model to many dogs and their owners, as his personality and demeanor dispels the notoriety his breed is tagged with. He was also present alongside Kelly in many charity events, such as the ‘Live Like Roo’ campaign.
However, Fifty passed on 22 August 2017, earlier on this year.
Kelly broke the sad news on his official Facebook page, ‘Camp Fifty’. Her post read:”Rest In Peace Fifty. I love you with every ounce of my being & I am forever grateful for all of the time we had with each other. You will always be my seahorse, my soul pup, my best bud & my whole heart. I miss you every single second of every single day.”
Her post continued:”Thank you to everyone who has shown Fifty & his family love & support over the years. This is just impossible for me to talk about at this time but I greatly appreciate everyone’s kindness.”
According to Kelly, Fifty had been shot by a human and lost two legs – but he’s still the sweetest and most forgiving dog she had ever known. No matter what, every dog “deserves a healthy, long and happy life”, she continued. Did Fifty deify the unfair treatment and degrading stereotypes of Pit bulls carried? Yes, he did.
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