This Senior Pit Bull Mix Had Been Eating Rocks For A Year After Getting Left Behind

He had no other choice but to do so.

An 11-year-old pit bull mix named Stewie had been left behind by his family due to a move. Scared and all alone without any food, Stewie had to wander around the area of the abandoned house to survive. With nothing to eat, Stewie had no choice but to eat rocks to fill his empty stomach! Even though a year had passed, Stewie was still convinced that his family would come back for him so he was reluctant to leave the vicinity.
A local rescue organization named Hope for Paws later got wind of Stewie and made their way to the abandoned house where Stewie was. They soon found Stewie in the yard and tried to offer him some food.
Unfortunately, Stewie became fearful upon seeing them and ran away from the yard. But the rescuers did not lose hope and stayed near the house to wait for Stewie to return. Not long after, Stewie did eventually return to the house. They managed to get a leash on Stewie and took him to safety.
As Stewie was still fearful of strangers, his rescuers had to put him in a crate to prevent him from escaping. Some of the neighbors had also helped to load Stewie into the back of the car. The team was happy that Stewie was finally safe and sound.
As Stewie had spent a long time on the streets fending for himself, the team wanted to make sure that Stewie had a clean bill of health so they took him to a vet nearby for a checkup. After looking at results from an X-Ray scan, they were shocked to find rocks in his stomach!
It was obvious that Stewie had turned to eating rocks to quell his hunger as there was no food. Some masses had also been found on Stewie and were quickly removed. The team then proceeded to help clean Stewie up. Stewie soon began to warm up to his rescuers,  receiving the attention and love that he had been deprived of.
Stewie is currently doing well in a foster home where he has other dogs to play with and of course, people who shower him with lots of love and attention. Although Stewie is already a senior dog, this friendly pit bull mix still desperately needs a loving home.
Here is a heartwarming video of Stewie’s rescue below:
If anyone is interested in adopting Stewie, you can contact the Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary for more information.
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