A Husky Was Found Wandering On A Highway When Help Finally Came!

A nine month old Husky named Miracle was found wandering alone on a highway nearby San Bernardino, California. No one bothered to help and just simply drove past her. Thankfully, one person did stop to help Miracle and took her to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. News about Miracle soon went viral on Facebook after someone had posted about her. The news about Miracle soon reached Toby Wisneski, CEO and founder of Leave No Paws Behind.

Physically, Miracle most probably had a contagious skin condition, like ringworm or mange. As Wisneski had suspected, no one came to help Miracle – and she was scheduled to be euthanized soon. It was unfortunate for Miracle as no animal shelters would want to keep an animal with any contagious diseases.
Wisneski decided to help Miracle after hearing the bad news and immediately drove to the shelter to pick her up. Miracle was indeed grateful for Wisneski’s help and expressed it by wagging her tail! Concerned for Miracle’s health, Wisneski quickly took Miracle to a vet.
At the animal hospital, Miracle is kept in isolation while the veterinary team tries to diagnose her skin condition and other health issues. In addition to her skin condition, Miracle’s paws are swollen and she is also severely underweight due to undernourishment. The team at the animal hospital also took a liking to Miracle immediately as she is a good-natured and friendly dog.
Thanks to Wisneski and the vet team at the animal hospital, Miracle is now on her way to a bright future ahead. Once she is given a clean bill of health from the animal hospital, she will be in foster care and live the rest of her life normally.
If you’re interested in adopting Miracle, you can contact Leave No Paws Behind directly. You can also be a big help to Miracle by making a donation to the rescue group.
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