14 Million People Were Touched By This Dog’s Reaction When He Finally Regains His Eyesight

Like humans, animals are also able to recover their eyesight after eye surgery. One Irish terrier named Duffy was previously a rescue dog who had been adopted.
Unfortunately, Duffy suffered from Diabetes, which eventually caused him to lose his eyesight. Even though Duffy’s condition was stabilized with the help of medication, Duffy could not see his beloved family anymore. 
But thankfully, luck was on Duffy’s side! It turned out that Duffy was deemed qualified for an eye surgery that enable him to regain his eyesight! Of course, his family were delighted to hear the good news and immediately signed him up for the eye surgery. Duffy later underwent eye surgery at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.
At the referral center, two veterinarians were in-charge of Duffy’s surgery and medication. Dr. Kevin Kumrow was responsible for regulating Duffy’s diabetes condition and Dr. Brady Beale performed the eye surgery on Duffy once his condition was stabilized. A few months later, Duffy had regained his eyesight and was able to see his family again. Here is a heartwarming video of Duffy’s reaction when he saw his family!
Look at Duffy’s ecstatic reaction! Duffy had immediately went to greet his family, who he had not seen in a few months! Needless to say, his family were relieved and happy to see that Duffy had finally regained his eyesight! Thanks to Dr. Kevin Kumrow and Dr. Brady Beale, Duffy is now able to see and live a fulfilling his life with his beloved family once more!
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