Zeus Had to Spend All Day at the Vet, Throws Hilarious Tantrum All The Way Home

Zeus, a gorgeous Husky has recently had surgery and is now coming home from the vet’s clinic. He must wear the horrible Cone of Shame to ensure that he does not chew on his stitches.
Doing so increases the risk of infection and other complications at the site of his surgery, so the cone is quite necessary.
It may look like this dog Zeus is showing signs of being drunk, but he is actually recovering from being under anesthesia. Zeus had a growth removed from his blue eye and from what the vet’s office had said, he’s been talking and howling all day. He has no idea what is going on and is probably very confused.
Obviously he is protesting the cone of shame and doesn’t want to wear it. It doesn’t work with his fashion style! He also is howling because he had to be at the vet all day. That is never a fun way to spend your day.
When he came home, he got to rest comfortably on his bed with his brother Kaden by his side. So sweet! We can tell this husky’s owner feels very bad for Zeus, and tries to calm him down while he is in the car. Zeus probably won’t be a very happy camper for the next few days, not until he feels like himself again!
Check out Zeus howling in protest while sitting in the car:

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