Dog Tries to Show Baby That Green Beans are Good. But The Baby’s Reaction Has Me In Stitches

Here, Zoey the Labrador is trying to start her human sibling off right by showing him that green beans are good.
But Baby Chase can’t stop laughing!
The mom in this video has decided to get the dog and the baby to enjoy a moment of pure bliss. Not even the dad can ignore this!
So here we have a dog, and then we have a kid that seems to love dog antics. Mom knows that, so she arranges with the dog to get the kid to crack up. As Mom starts tossing green beans into the air for the dog to snatch, and the baby’s in stitches! With every bite, it seems baby Chase laughs harder and harder. But the baby isn’t the only one giggling up a storm — mom and dad are losing it! 😀
It’s like laughter-fest around here. The dog loves the action. It keeps her active and still feeding.
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