This Dog Shocked Everyone When She Began Carrying Her New Pups Over To Her Human

I've seen a lot of ridiculously cute dog videos in my day, but this one just completely melted my heart.

Grayce the pit bull was neglected by her former owners. Luckily, she was rescued by Lexi Condie, her new foster mom, before giving birth to 11 puppies at her home. While many dogs are standoffish and irritable after giving birth, Gracye had total trust in her mom.

In fact, Grayce was so trusting that she placed all 11 of her newborn puppies on her foster mom's lap!

As the pit bull picks up her pups one by one, Lexi can't believe what's happening. In all her years as a dog mom, she'd never seen anything like it!

Some people think that Grayce wants Lexi to help her care for her pups. Others say that the new mom craves attention, but doesn't want to leave her babies unattended.

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