Dogs Rescued Together Reveal The True Meaning Of Friendship

Annie Hart is the founder of Los Angeles-based animal organization Rescue. She just found on the streets two of the most precious dogs ever. The dogs were clearly inseparable from each other, and in puppy love! The girl dog was hesitant to trust Annie, so she had to lure her into a trap cage to catch her. Once she did, the boy dog came running into her lover’s arms. The little guy didn’t want to fall behind.
“Monica and Chandler were abandoned by their past owners and left to fend for themselves on the streets of Los Angeles, but their love for each other helped them survive. It also bonded them for life.
Once these two lovebirds were safely in our care, they made the fastest transition from frightened of humans, to affectionate and outgoing we’ve ever seen! It never ceases to amaze me how resilient dogs are and their capacity to let go of the past, forgive humans and embrace a second chance.


Annie decided to name the inseparable besties after one of the television’s favorite couples, Chandler and Monica. Rescue from the Hart is still taking care of these sweet pooches, but hopefully, they’ll find a loving owner soon!
Both pups were found un-neutered, had horrible flea and tick infestations, and suffered from Giardia. Rescue From The Hart covered all of their medical care and both dogs are now happy, healthy and looking for a forever home, where they can be together forever!”
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